Nick Krecklow

Senior software engineer creating fun through technology at Hypixel Studios

  • live services infrastructure
  • game security/anticheat
  • multiplayer networking
  • backend development
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Personal branding icon of a computer terminal screen with an empty prompt and cross-bones below

Personal Projects

aka the code I write when I'm not working on backend infrastructure, protecting gameplay, or cross-platform integration.

Light Sequencing

I enjoy experimenting with light sequencing hardware/software/protocols/standards (e.g. DMX, xLights and Light-O-Rama/LOR). I have published documentation for the fseq 2.x file format used by xLights, as well as a compatible single-file-header C99 library (libtinyfseq). I reverse-engineered chunks of the LOR serial control protocol, and developed a library (liblorproto) for interacting with it.

My playback program, fplayer, ties all these offerings together into a single tool for the playback of an xLights/fseq 2.x sequence on Light-O-Rama hardware from Windows, macOS, Linux or FreeBSD.


A vestige of my work on the Hypixel Network, Minetrack has spent almost a decade collecting Minecraft multiplayer player count statistics. I run the "official instances" at &, but the software itself is open-source. The historical data it collects is published into the public domain and available via

Extra Utilities

  • exe

    CLI utility for automating file transformations and dependency creation

  • exe

    CLI utility for bulk image bundling and PDF watermarking

  • lib
    go-minecraftping / mcping-js

    Language libraries for pinging/querying Minecraft servers

Additional archived projects on GitHub